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Dr. Matthias Ammler-von Eiff


Matthias Ammler-von Eiff was born in 1977 in Neuburg a.d. Donau, Germany. The studies of physics and astronomy in Munich were accomplished in 2001 with a diploma thesis with the title "Photometrische Untersuchung von T Tauri-Sternen -- Test von Vorhauptreihenentwicklungsmodellen". He continued to work in the field of young stars doing his PhD study on the Ursa Major group. Afterwards he studied the parent stars of extra-solar planets in Lisbon and Porto. Currently he lives with his family in Germany.


Publikationen im VerkanntenVerlag:

Characterisation of young, nearby stars - The Ursa-Major group
Dissertation [Wissenschaft] 30. 01. 2007  188 S. davon 8 farbig  Buch  ISBN: 978-3-00-019738-3   VVPN: 00001005


Weitere Veröffentlichungen:

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